Right At School

Lee has worked with Chicago-based Right At School, an after-school enrichment company, for several years to manage its web site. Lee has witnessed the company’s growth by developing individual school pages for its many dozens of school partners in eight states and counting.

Oak Park Education Foundation

When the Oak Park Education Foundation in Lee’s hometown needed a new web site, Lee partnered with a local designer to develop a WordPress site that the foundation could manage on its own. The focus was on fun shots of kids engaged in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math programs.

Small Business & Non-Profit Web Sites

Spector & Lenz, a law firm focused on Social Security disability assistance, and the Oak Park Concert Chorale are two recent examples of small business and non-profit web sites built by Lee.

Education Marketing Expertise

Lee has been working in the marketing of online higher education since the year 2000. In December 2014, he traveled to New Delhi (with a cast on his foot) to speak on digital marketing for higher education at the DigiWise Summit, hosted by The Hindustan Times and Google India.

Oak Park Temple

Lee is active in his local Jewish temple, has served as communications chair person, and in late 2016 launched a new web site with a focus on showcasing the congregation’s members and its many social action and community outreach efforts.


Lee oversaw integrated marketing campaigns during his time at Shiftgig, where he led the rapid expansion of employer and job-seeker acquisition through email marketing and other digital channels.

Email Marketing

Since his time at Monster, Lee has overseen the deployment of more than a billion marketing emails using numerous email services, marketing automation tools, and home-grown systems. Below are emails from Language Stars and The ADMCi, an education initiative focused on user experience design.

12 Tribz

Want to buy a Jewish t-shirt with an edge? Check out 12Tribz.com. Lee developed the small business web site using WordPress and WooCommerce.

Language Stars

At Language Stars, Lee oversaw the expansion of digital marketing through the development of campaign landing pages, a new web site with class registration capabilities, and campaigns with Groupon and other daily deal sites. The result was a 50% reduction in inquiry costs and a 10% increase in overall revenue at the height of the recession. Lee also led marketing for their expansion into a second metro area, Washington DC.

Language Stars Passport

Although Lee’s experience is largely in the digital domain, he has worked in traditional media as well. For Language Stars, Lee approached the challenge of direct mail with a solution that would stand out better in the recipient’s mailbox: a “passport” for your child, showcased as a future world traveler and scholar, with stamps for languages instead of countries.

University of Illinois Global Campus

Lee was recruited in 2007 to head up marketing for an ambitious online initiative at the University of Illinois, modeled on for-profit universities but with the quality of a top state school system. Lee oversaw the development of strategies for five degree programs and several certificate programs, bringing in 28,000 student inquiries and 1,000 students.

Edify Marketing / MidPointers

Lee built Edify Marketing to serve higher education clients looking to attract online students. The main service was a degree portal called MidPointers, which catered to mid-life career changers.


In 2005 Monster hired Lee to breathe new life into a MonsterLearning, a degree portal. The initial revision of the service saw six-fold increases in first-page Google results within three months. Following this initial success, Lee oversaw the integration of a strategic acquisition in the degree portal space, which Monster’s CEO later called the fastest ROI of any acquisition in the company’s history.

Cardean University

Cardean University was an early online university offering one of the first fully online MBA programs, developed in partnership with top business schools. Lee managed digital marketing, including the public “front door” of the university, as well as numerous microsites developed for corporate partners such as General Motors, Shell Oil and Hyatt Hotels.

The Earliest Web-Based Reference Products

Lee served as project manager for Britannica Online, the first web-based encyclopedia, developed in 1993-94. Lee oversaw all scheduling and planning for Britannica’s digital reference products throughout much of the 1990s, working with in-house editorial, art, cartography, indexers, programmers and a west coast advanced technology group.

Britannica on CD-ROM

Britannica CD was a two-CD-ROM product—too big to fit on a single disc—and containing special features including a customizable timeline of world history and spotlight features such as articles from great contributors such as Albert Einstein.

Children's Education Products

Lee has developed children’s educational products since the early 1990s. In Inventions to Mention, a CD-ROM partnership between VTech and Encyclop√¶dia Britannica, Rusty the Dog had to chase his inventor’s intercontinental frisbee, and he advanced by selecting the correct inventor at each challenge.

The Earliest CD-ROM Products

Lee served as editorial manager of the earliest CD-ROM reference products for Compton’s, Britannica’s young adult brand. He helped develop timelines of U.S. and world history, oversaw geographic and historical updates during the unification of Germany and the breakup of the U.S.S.R, and managed a topical outline of all encyclopedia entries.